Since last week marked the last episode of Larry Wilmore's The Nightly Show, today we are counting down the Top Five Nightly Show Replacements!

#5) Craig Kilborn

Why?  He was the man who started the Daily Show, and with the rising popularity of @Midnight, who doesn't think the Comedy Central audience wouldn't love Kilborn's classic games like Yambo, Kilbayashi, and 5 Questions.  

#4) Norm Macdonald

Why? The greatest Weekend Update host of all time, who just created one of the most exciting podcasts of all time.  Don't believe me?  Watch 2 hours of jokes from Norm Macdonald Live above....

#3) Samantha Bee

Why? Other than John Oliver she is the only Daily Show Alum who has shown she can pull off her own show.  Plus she's proven she can go viral with her monologues which is something the Nightly Show was seriously lacking...

#2) Stephen Colbert

Why? Let's face it, we all like the character Stephen Colbert more than the actual Stephen Colbert.  Let's chalk the whole Late Show thing up to a fun experiment and have the Colbert Report return to it's old time slot!

#1) Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

Why? I know it sounds crazy, but just watch his 2016 Election Special he did for Hulu.  You'll immediately change your mind and decide that Triumph belongs on TV every night talking current events!