With all the new TV shows coming this Fall, they are so many needless remakes and reboots that we felt the need to count down the Top Five Needless TV Shows Remakes Coming in 2016!

#5) Lethal Weapon

Synopsis: Riggs and Murtaugh return to FOX TV this fall with Damon Wayans taking over Danny Glover's part.

#4) MacGyver

Synopsis:  CBS took a paperclip, stick of bubble gum, and a tooth pick to put together a boring, senseless, and genuinuely depressing remake of an 80's and 90's classic. 

#3) Training Day

Synopsis:  Take the guy from Twister and give him Denzel Washington's Academy Award Winning Role from this great movie of the same name and you've got Training Day, coming to CBS this Fall!

#2) Frequency

Synopsis:  The only thing that got fewer viewers than the original Dennis Quaid movie is the network the CW.  No wonder they are remaking the movie as a TV Show this season.

#1) Time After Time

Synopsis: Take a moderate 1979 Hit Film about HG Wells pursuing Jack the Ripper through time and turn it into a tedious TV show and you've got this upcoming ABC drama.