With the news that the Super Volcano under Yellowstone is bigger than we thought, the Zika virus is worse than we thought, and the impending Presidency of Donald Trump, we thought there was no better time than now to dive into the doom and gloom and count down the Top Five Ways We Could All Die Tomorrow!

#5) Water World!

Why should you be scared?  Whether or not you believe global warming is man-made, you can't dispute the fact that we are in the middle of a global climate crisis and the idea of a water world is not that far-fetched.  So strap on your Kevin Costner Swimsuit and get ready to grow gills because Water World is coming! 

#4) Mutually Assured Destruction

Why should you be scared?  Between North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and a possible President Trump having access to Nuclear weapons, it's only a matter of time before someone hits the button and we all go boom!

#3) A Mega-Asteroid!

Why should you be scared?  Remember the Dinosaurs?  Prior to our run as the king of the jungle, the Dinosaurs ran this place, that was until a giant space rock wiped them all out.  Don't think it couldn't happen to us...

#2) The Singularity

Why should you be scared?  We are going to be the only species that creates the thing that later on kills us all.  As soon as 2029, we could created computers that can develop, grow, learn, and build technology on their own.  Once that happens, look out for the Killer Robots and kiss your ass "Hasta La Vista, Baby!"

#1) Yellowstone

Why should you be scared?  It's already thousands of years past it's expiration date, and if you live in the continental U.S. you are in the blast zone.  Add to that the fact that it has increased activity every year, one thing is clear, Yellowstone is primed and ready to go at any moment.