In honor of yesterday's Arizona primaries, today we are counting down our Top Five Favorite People From Arizona! 

#5) Greg Proops

Why: Have you not seen Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Also, the Smartest Man In The World podcast is pretty great....

#4) Cochise

Why:  He was a total badass who just also happened to inspire the Audio Slave song of the same name.

#3) Waylon Jennings

Why: Between the pills, whiskey,  and hard living, Waylon gave us some of the greatest and grittiest country songs ever written.  Also, unlike most celebrities whose kids go into the same line of work, his son Shooter Jennings also happens to be a total badass!

#2) Danica Patrick

Why: Female Icon, Nascar Legend, and extremely hot Go Daddy spokesperson.  What's not to like!

#1) David Spade

Why:  Joe Dirt! Isn't that enough?