With the chances of Donald Trump being the Republican nominee getting better and better each day, it's time to start thinking about a Trump administration.  That's why today we are counting down the Top Five People Who Should Be Donald Trump's Vice President!

#5) Sarah Palin

Advantages: She's been a Vice Presidential Candidate Before

Disadvantages:  It didn't go so well last time....

#4) Rob Ford

Advantages: Being a former Toronto Mayor and Canadian citizen he could help build diplomatic relations across the world.

Disadvantages: He really likes meth

#3) Anthony Weiner

Advantages: Like Donald Trump he understands the importance of social media in a political campaign.

Disadvantages: He prefers to use social media to send dick pics.

#2) Vince McMahon

Advantages: Typically a Vice President is the President's attack dog, but what do you do when the President is already an attack get an ever bigger attack dog like Vince McMahon! 

Disadvantages:  He was beaten by Donald Trump at the Battle of the Billionaires during Wrestle Mania so there could still be some bad blood....

#1) Caitlyn Jenner

Advantages: Also a reality show star who knows to work the media to it's fullest and stay in the headlines.

Disadvantages:  To be honest, there's not really.  Let's face it Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner is a former Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Conservative Celebrity, and a Winner just like Donald.  What could go wrong!  Trump/Jenner 2016!   Also, this nicely sets up Kanye West future Presidential run as well!