In honor of Superbowl 50, today we are counting down the Top Five Weirdest SuperBowl Commercials from this year's Big Game! 

#5) Heinz Ketchup's Weiner Dog commercial

Why it's weird?  It makes you think about eating weiner dogs. 

#4) Skittles Steven Tyler Portrait

Why it's weird?  Steven Tyler's Skittles portrait is pretty creepy...also, what the hell is a Skittles portrait? 

#3) OIC Constipation Commercial

Why it's weird?  It's like a weird romantic comedy about constipation...

#2) Mountain Dew's PuppyMonkeyBaby ad

Why it's weird?  Have you seen a Puppy Monkey Baby? 

#1) Superbowl Babies Music Video Commercial

Why it's weird?  More than weird, there's nothing more uncomfortable than children singing about the night they were conceived.  Oogy.