As huge fans of stand up comedy today we wanted to count down the Top Five Most Unique Comics Of All Time!  

#5) Bobcat Goldthwait

While it's easy to mock Bobcat's voice, make no mistake about it, when he was at his height in the 80's, there were few comedians as great as Bobcat!

#4) Yakov Smirnoff

Sure you've heard the "In Russia we do this...." jokes, but have you really watched Yakov's stand up?  In the 80's at the height of the Cold War, this was genius comedy at it's best!

#3) Carrot Top

We've never really understood why prop comics get a bad wrap, especially when you look at the guys who started it all like Carrot Top and the Legendary Wid.  As a sign of his staying power, Carrot Top continues to sell out theaters in Las Vegas to this day!

#2) Gallagher

This man single handedly invented bashing Watermelons as an art form.  That's all you really need to know.

#1) Emo Phillips

There never was before and never will be again someone as truly unique, ridiculous, and hilarious as the legendary Emo Phillips!