Due to the recent allegations about Amy Schumer stealing other comedienne's material, today we are counting down the Top Five Biggest Joke Thieves Of All Time!

But first, here's a clip of Amy's alleged joke thievery...

#5) Robin Williams

We almost feel bad posting this, but in the 70's Robin Williams was so notorious for stealing jokes, many comedians refused to perform in front of him.

#4) The Gabbie Show

So while she's only a  YouTube performer and not a comedienne, she is a blatant theft...

#3) SNL

It's one thing when a comic steals from another comic, but since the 70's SNL has been accused many times of stealing wholesale bits and sketches from improv groups nationwide.

#2) Denis Leary

While "No Cure For Cancer" is still one of the funniest stand up albums of all time, it's still disappointing that he stole the whole persona and act of one of the greatest stand up acts and most brilliant minds of all time, Bill Hicks.

#1) Carlos Mencia

He proudly admitting to Marc Maron he stole material from other comics to build his career.  All this after Joe Rogan shamed the shit out of him on YouTube.