In honor of tonight's premiere of the TV Show adaptation of the movie "Minority Report," today we are counting down the Top Five Worst TV Shows Based on Movies !

#5) Delta House

Based on the movie “Animal House” ABC got most of the original cast back together for this show that lasted only 13 Episodes.

#4) Honey I Shrunk The Kids The TV Show

Somewhere Peter Scholari is wondering where it all went wrong.  After starting his career with fellow Bosom Buddy, Tom Hanks the two actors went on to vastly different careers and while Tom Hanks was winning Oscars, Peter Scholari starred in the TV Show version of “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” which aired in syndication for a surprisingly strong 66 episodes. 

#3) Tremors: The Series

It only made it 13 Episodes on the Sci Fi Channel, but boy do we wish it lasted longer than that.  Part of the problem with the show was for some reason Sci Fi decided to air the shows “out of order” and it wasn’t until years later that G4 Tech TV decided to pick the show back up to run the episodes in sequential order.   Either way, the fact this show didn’t make it has left the world a little less better. 

#2) Uncle Buck

The 1989 John Candy movie has inspired not one, but two different reboots to TV including a CBS half hour sitcom in 1990 starring Kevin Meaney as the title role, and most recently the 2015-2016 season sees Mike Epps returning as the character on ABC. 

#1) My Big Fat Greek Life

The 2003 TV show came out a little under a year after the 2002 hit movie, except without the humour, fun, or even likeable nature of the movie.  It made it a whopping 7 episodes on CBS.