In honor of the today's Least Dangerous Podcast and our "Debate Pre-Game" discussion, today we are counting down the Top Five Things To Watch In Tonight's GOP Debates! 

#5) Who Will Win The "Kiddie Table" Debate? 

Since there are 17 Candidates there was just no real way to have them all in one 2-Hour debate, so instead FOX is hosting two debates, one tonight with the Top 10 Candidates and one this afternoon with the less popular 7 candidates you see above.  That being said, there is still bound to be one or two candidates who break out of the undercard pack and move into the upper-tier, so the question is who will it be?  

Will Perry have another oops moment?   Will Lindsey Graham come out of the closet?  Will we ever find out who Jim Gilmore is?  Will Santorum get frothy?  And most importantly Will Pataki finally Wheeze The Juice?   Find out tonight! 

#4) Will Jeb Bush escape his brother's shadow? 

As the presumptive front-runner for the GOP nomination (that was until the Trump phenomenon) many people still believe Jeb will end up being the nominee.  The big question tonight is can he separate himself from his family name?  We'll find out! 

#3) Will Huckabee "Slap da Bass?" 

The last time he ran was in 2008 and he eventually made a big splash by winning the Iowa Caucuses that year.  However, with so much competition Huckabee has kind of disappeared from the if he can't get enough attention on stage tonight- we have a suggestion- break out the bass and start laying down some Funky Cold Medina!  

#2) Will Marco Rubio need a drink of water? 

Until recently, many thought Rubio would be the Republican Obama leading a nation of young GOP members to their own version of Hope and Change in 2016.  That was, until the senate's thirstiest member did the GOP response to Obama's State of the Union address and had the world's most famous case of dry-mouth.  After that awkward moment- the whole world will be watching tonight to see if he can make it through a two hour debate without a bottle of Dasani.

#1) Will Donald Trump break his toys on stage? 

Let's face it, there's only one real reason to watch tonight- Can Donald Trump make it through a debate without giving out someone's cell phone number, calling someone a loser, and generally being Donald Trump?  While it would interesting to see the "statesman" Trump show up on stage and deliver eloquent and nuanced policy positions, does anyone actually think that will happen?  We're all just waiting for the train to crash and when it does, you'll bet we'll be watching!