With the Ashley Madison hack and recent revelations of reality stars like Snooki and Josh Duggar involved in cheating scandals, we thought it was the perfect time to count down the Top Five Most Notorious Celebrity Cheaters! 

#5) LeAnn Rimes

Number of affairs: Only One, but she was married and her TV movie co-star Eddie Cibrian was married as well when they started their affair.  Like it or not, LeAnn Rimes has become the face of the "Homewrecker" for the way she left her husband and stole reality star Brandi Glanville's man! 

#4) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Number of Affairs: Again only one, but Arnold never does anything half-assed.  This scandal involves an Hispanic Maid, A wife who is a member of the Kennedy Family, a secret Love Child, and a years long hidden love affair.  You've got to give it to Arnold, if he's gonna' cheat, he's gonna' cheat big! 

#3) John Edwards

Number of Affairs:  One Affair, but if you thought Arnold Schwarzenegger's scandal was bad, this one involves a Presidential Candidate and Former Senator violating election laws to hide a baby that he had with a mistress of his who also worked for his campaign.  And to top it all off, while he was cheating his wife was dying of cancer.  Seriously.  John Edwards is a bad, bad dude....

#2) Jesse James

Number of Affairs: Cheated once on Sandra Bullock and cheated atleast 19 different times on Kat Von D!  Jesse James is the perfect example of once a cheater always a cheater and worst of all he is notorious for cheating on some of the hottest and sweetest women out there!  Many guys would kill for a chance to be married or engaged to Sandra Bullock or Kat Von D, but this asshole throws it all away! 

#1) Tiger Woods

Number of Affairs:  Check this out, Tiger Woods cheated on Swedish Supermodel wife Elin Nordegren a whopping 121 times!  Atleast!  That's right 121 times Tiger could not keep it in his pants!  If that's not enough to get you into the Cheaters Hall of Fame, we don't know what is!