Today we are counting down the Top Five Greatest Game Show Hosts of All Time! 

#5) Jeff Probst

The Survivor Host has always been the glue that holds the CBS reality show together and despite the fact that he had a failed daytime talk show, every season Jeff is back on Survivor for another season of "Probsty" greatness! 

#4) Marc Summers

Every 90's kid's childhood would not have been the same without the great host of Double Dare, Marc Summers!  Just for fun, here he is making an inappropriate joke on a kid's tv show! 

#3) Chuck Woolery

From Scrabble to Love Connection to Lingo, every game show was instantly better when Chuck Woolery was hosting it!  Plus, at some point, Chuck Woolery decided to become a political commentator on Youtube and offer advice like "How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse."  Don't believe me, just watch the video below...

#2) Richard Dawson

Nothing says "Great Game Show Host" like a serial sexual harasser...even in the 70's this was a bit much...

#1) Bob Barker

I mean, was there anybody better?  The guy hosted the Price is Right for decades, always reminding us to "spay and neuter our pets" and let's not forget about surrounding himself with hotties he named the "Barker Beauties."  Plus, he punched Happy Gilmore in the face!