With poll after poll showing that every time Trump says something crazy his numbers go up, today we are counting down the Top Five Craziest Trump Presidential Moments So Far...

#5) While running for President Donald Trump takes a break from campaigning to tell us that Heidi Klum is no longer a "10."  That's right, while running for President- who doesn't want a President who can multi-task! 

#4) Right after starting a verbal war with Hispanic immigrants, Trump decided to raise it up a couple notches and start a Twitter war with Mexico's Most Dangerous Drug Lord and interestingly enough "El Chapo" took the bait after Trump threatened to kick his ass! 

#3) Donald Trump has a bad debate night and decides to handle it the Trump way by blaming the moderator for being on her period.  Seriously. 

#2) After making the world's most offensive comments towards immigrants during his campaign announcement speech and claiming that Mexico is sending "rapists" across the border, Donald Trump decided to defend those same comments by saying what he thought was obvious to everyone by saying "Well...Somebody's Doing the Raping!" 

#1) Donald Trump gives out another candidates cell phone number for fun.  I'm not even sure if this legal, but it's definitely awesome!