After a hugely disappointing weekend at the box office, Fantastic 4 joins a long list of other movies that killed the franchise before it even started...That's why today we are counting down the Top Five Movies That Killed The Franchise!

#5) The Phantom 

Greenlit for two sequels before the first one was even released this was yet another victim of Hollywood studios trying to find the next Batman after Tim Burton's 1989 movie kicked off the comic book movie renaissance.

#4) Jonah Hex

Made at a time when a comic book movie could do no wrong...with everything making millions of dollars, this lesser-known character was given it's own movie to disastrous results.  Needless to say, we'll never see another Jonah Hex movie ever. 

#3) The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai

After Star Wars in 1979, Sci Fi Space Westerns were the new hot thing in Hollywood, and everyone wanted in on the action.  Unfortunately, the very strange and campy "Buckaroo Bonzai" never found an audience when it was released, but much like other cult classics like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it finally connected and lives on to this day as a huge fan favorite among the comic-con loyal. 

#2) Dick Tracy

Made right after 1989's Batman, this was the next huge franchise for Touchstone Pictures.  However, Warren Beatty is no Michael Keaton and Dick Tracy  was no Batman. 

#1) Green Lantern

Never before were there so many things going right for a movie that didn't work.  From it's perfect casting with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, to it's popular subject matter, the long-lasting Green Lantern series, everything should have worked, but because of an over-reliance on crappy CGI, and an incredibly thin story line, no one was buying what Green Lantern was selling...