Today we're counting down the Top Five Movie Devils of All Time!  

#5) Will Smith as Lucifer in "A Winter's Tale"

Most devilish moment:  Grows Shark's teeth while wearing a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt while yelling at Russell Crowe!  

#4) Harvey Keitel in Little Nicky

Most Devilish Moment: Shoves a pineapple up Hitler's Ass! 

#3) Gabriel Byrne as the Devil in the "End of Days" 

Most Devilish Moment: Pisses Gasoline

#2) Trey Parker as the voice of Satan in the South Park Movie

Most Devilish Moment:  Breaking up with Saddam Hussein

#1)  Al Pacino as John Milton (aka Satan) in the Devil's Advocate

Most Devilish Moment: The Greatest Devil's Speech of All Time!