With the news that Bernie Sanders attempted to record his own album in the 80's, today we are counting down the Top Five Politicians Who Tried Singing!  (some better than others)

#5) Bernie Sanders

Apparently, many of his advisers thought it would be a good idea to record an album in the 80's.  That was until they heard him sing....quickly, they enlisted the help of 30 of Vermont's greatest performers, but even then they couldn't save this thing.  Enjoy his almost William Shatner level delivery on famous folk songs like "We Shall Overcome!" 

#4) Senator Robert Byrd

The longest serving Senator in U.S. History, Robert Byrd is one of the most interesting characters ever to serve.  Originally affiliated with the KKK, he later become a prominent civil rights activist, but who knew the West Virginia Politician was a hugely gifted bluegrass musician and singer who even appeared in the 70's on the hit tv show "Pop Goes Country!" 

#3) Attorney General John Ashcroft

A member of the Bush Administration who at some point decided it would be a good idea to write and record a patriotic anthem called "Let the Eagle Soar" 

#2) Presidential Candidate Herman Cain

Before he ran for President in 2012, Herman Cain was the CEO of Godfather's Pizza, and as the CEO he once sang  a version of John Lennon's "Imagine" but re-worked the lyrics to envision a world without pizza.  The internet would never forget! 

#1) Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia does it all!  Wrestles bears, adopts leopards, rides horses bareback, and apparently sings a mean version of "Blueberry Hill."