After the launch of their new Apple Music service, we thought today was as good a day as any to count down the Top Five Least Successful Apple Products of All Time!

#5) The Apple Newton

Launched in the mid 90's the Apple Newton should get credit for much of the technology that led to the much more successful I-Pad of the future.  However at it's time the technology wasn't quite ready and it the handwriting recognition was so awful it got lampooned on the Simpsons.  

#4) The 20th Anniversary Mac

It should've been known it would be a failure when it was actually released one year late, but that didn't stop Apple from cranking out this p.c.  At the time, it received little fanfare selling less than 12,000 units.  However, since then, it's developed a cult following and you can still buy one online today for over $1,000! 

#3) The U2 Ipod

Has Apple learned nothing about U2?  They release this special edition Ipod in the early 2000's and no one wanted it!  So why, oh why did they still release that album on everyone's phone for free?  Face it Apple, no one likes U2 as much as you! 

#2) The Apple Lisa

It's hard to believe they asked over $10,000 for this hunk of crap in 1983.  That's a whopping $22,000 in today's dollars.  This computer was such an epic fail (selling under 10,000 units) that it's been rumoured Apple secretly destroyed the remaining inventory to avoid the public knowing how many of these they made, but didn't sell. 

#1) The Apple Pippin

Say what you want about Bill Gates, but atleast he gave us the X-Box.  The is Apple's one and only attempt at competing in the console gaming world, and was a complete disaster.  Selling somewhere between 12,000 and 42,000 units they only made it for one year in 1996 and never ever attempted to get back into the gaming business after this disaster.  For fun, here's an unboxing video of the Pippin....