Michael Oher, the football player whose life was turned into the movie "The Blind Side," recently came out to say how bad the film was and how it hurt his NFL Career.  In his honor, today we are counting down the Top Five Worst Sports Movies Of All Time! 

#5) Space Jam

Take Michael Jordan at his most famous, add a side of the classic cartoon characters the Looney Tunes, and then shake well until both careers are equally ruined.  One movie wiped away 7 championships! 

#4) The Main Event

Here's all you need to know: Barbara Streisand is in a boxing movie where she coaches a boxer whose afraid of getting punched.  Enjoy this disaster....

#3) Air Bud

Because there's no rule that Dogs can't play basketball...

#2) Over The Top

Sylvester Stallone is a professional arm wrestler in this one.  This is one in the series of Sylvester Stallone disasters that includes Rhinestone and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!

#1) Radio

Never in the history of Sports Movies or Cuba Gooding Jr. Movies has their ever been such a pitiful, awful, embarrassing attempt at film-making.  This is the worst!