Now that we all know Tom Brady is a cheater and will be suspended from the NFL for a period of time, we thought today was the perfect day to count down the Top Five Worst Sports Cheaters of All Time! 

#5) Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire

Everyone remembers the Great Home Run race of 1998, but what we didn’t know at the time is the race to the top was fueled with huge amounts of steroids on the part of both Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.  It was so bad that it prompted a US Congressional Hearing on the use of steroids in baseball and will forever taint their legacies. 

#4) Whitey Ford

Hall of Fame Baseball Player who admitted to cheating late in his career.  According to Whitey, “I didn't begin cheating until late in my career, when I needed something to help me survive. I didn't cheat when I won the twenty-five games in 1961. I don't want anybody to get any ideas and take my Cy Young Award away. And I didn't cheat in 1963 when I won twenty-four games. Well, maybe a little.”  Cheating techniques included using his wedding ring to cut the ball, using mudballs, and using a gunk ball loaded down with baby oil, turpentine, and resin.  

#3) Bill Belichick

Even before DeflateGate, this Superbowl winning coach was caught spying on other teams and fined $500,000 and a first round draft pick by the NFL.  Proving that a cheater never changes his ways, he is currently in trouble for knowingly deflating footballs to win the game that put the Patriots in the Superbowl in 2015. 

#2) Fred Lorz

You may not know his name, but when it comes to cheating at sports, this guy is a champion.  In the 1904 Olympics, Fred Lorz took home the gold running a marathon where he finished miles ahead of any other runner.  After investigating how he did it, it was discovered that he hopped a ride with a car for 11 miles of the marathon.  He was summarily banned from racing for life.  

#1) Tonya Harding

So we’ve learned a lot of people cheat at sports, but very few take cheating so seriously they hire a goon to hit their competitor with a pipe at a practice.  Not only was it awful, but the conspiracy to take out Nancy Kerrigan was also ineffective as she still ended up winning the silver that year and Tonya walked away with nothing.  Well nothing except a poorly received adult film career.