In honor of Cinco De Mayo today, we are counting down the Top Five Celebrities You Need To Party With! 

#5) Pitbull

Reason Why:  I mean C'Mon...The Dude only raps about one thing Partying.  It's like a cool version of every Will Smith Rap Song ever.  

Drink of Choice: Voli

Celebrities Friends He'd Bring To The Party:  Kesha, Enrique Iglesias, and Marco Rubio

#4) Justin Bieber

Reason Why:  Who doesn't want to hang out drinking beer all night, followed by peeing and mop buckets and yelling "Fuck Bill Clinton!"    

Drink of Choice: Light Beer (we all know Biebs is a lightweight)

Celebrities Friends He'd Bring To The Party:  Usher, Chris D'Elia, and definitely not Selena Gomez

#3) Miley Cyrus

Reason Why:  A night of twerking, giant bear costumes, and at some point taking off your clothes...  

Drink of Choice: It's Miley...put the booze away and grab the bong.

Celebrities Friends She'd Bring To The Party:  The Kardashian Clan and Billy Ray Cyrus

#2) Kiefer Sutherland

Reason Why:  Nothing's better than a night of strange political conversations, fighting Christmas trees, and eventually taking your pants off.

Drink of Choice: Jose Cuervo

Celebrities Friends He'd Bring To The Party:  Rocco Deluca and Donald Sutherland

#1) Bill Murray

Reason Why:  Karaoke, Crashing Wedding Parties, and possibly tending bar for the evening....

Drink of Choice: He's Bill Murray...He picks the drinks.

Celebrities Friends He'd Bring To The Party:  The Wu Tang Clan, Wes Anderson, and the Ghostbusters.