As if sitcoms didn't have a bad enough reputation already, today we are counting down the Top Five Craziest Sitcoms of All Time!  These are all real, and all made it to national television! 

#5) Homeboys from Outerspace

Exactly what it sounds like, and if you were ever wondering why UPN is no longer a network, here’s your answer….

#4) Cavemen

What happens when you have a successful national advertising campaign about Cavemen?  Well you turn it into a 30 minute network sitcom for ABC of course!  

#3) The Flying Nun

Another show that is exactly what it sounds like.  A show about a nun?  Who cares!  A show about a Flying Nun?  Count me in! 

#2) My Mother The Car

In case you were wondering why Jerry Van Dyke didn’t end up having the same success as his brother, you need not look any further than this show.  Guy buys a car.  Car is possessed by his dead mother.  Comedy ensues.

#1) Heil Honey, I’m Home

It’s a real sitcom…about Hitler….and Eva Braun….who end up living next to a nice, Jewish couple….it’s real…it’s supposed to be funny….it’s real.