This easily could have been a top 20 list, but we took our time to whittle it down to the Top Five Worst Actors Turned Singers Of All Time! 

#5) Corey Feldman

The Goonies and Lost Boys star has lately focused exclusively on his music, for better or for worse, but it's Corey Feldman so it's kind of expected.  It also begs the question, which is worse, Corey the Actor or Corey the Singer?  Maybe his latest music video will help you decide...

#4) Jada Pinkett Smith and her Nu-Metal band "Wicked Wisdom"

To further reinforce how weird the Smith family is, Jada Pinkett's foray into music involves a lot of heavy metal and vampire make-up.  Enjoy! 

#3) Telly Savalas

Boy were we surprised to find out Kojak released an album in the 70's and even more surprised he chose the "William Shatner" model to release his covers album.  Unfortunately, for Telly and the public at large, there's only one guy who can pull off the Shatner routine and that's Captain Kirk himself! 

#2) David Faustino

Remember Bud Bundy?  Remember when Bud Bundy became a rapper?  No?  Well now you do! 

#1) Christopher Lee

Okay we love him in both the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies, but no amount of love and respect for his acting abilities could ever outweigh how incredibly awful his 2010 album "Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross" is.  Don't believe me?  Watch this music video.  I dare you to make it all the way through it!