Nothing is stranger than when you realize your favorite comedian is not really a person at all, but a character developed over time for an audience.  Think Andrew Dice Clay, Emo Phillips, and Bobcat Goldthwait.  That's why today we are counting down the Top Five Comedians Out of Character! 

#5) Sacha Baron Cohen 

Characters: Ali G, Borat, and Bruno

Enjoy this rare clip of Sacha, out of character, talking to David Letterman.

#4) Stephen Colbert 

Character: Stephen Colbert (a fictionalized version of himself and based on Bill O'Reilly)

Here's a rare "out of character" clip from Meet the Press years ago...

#3) Paul Reubens

Characters: Pee Wee Herman

Here's a rare clip of an interview Conan had with Paul Reubens to promote his starring role in the film, "Traffic." 

#2) Gilbert Gottfried

Character: Gilbert Gottfried

Here's a once in a lifetime clip of "Gilbert's Real Voice" from the Howard Stern Show in the  90's. 

#1) Daniel Whitney

Characters: Larry The Cable Guy (quite possibly the biggest character comic of all time!)

Here's a clip of Daniel Whitney before he became Larry....