Today is Good Friday and kicks off Easter weekend, and with that holiday coming up, we thought today was a good day to give you the Top Five Reasons Easter is a Weird, Weird Holiday! 

#5) Easter Peeps- not the weirdest thing about the day, but c'mon!  Golden colored marshmallows in the shape of Chickens?  What the hell are Peeps?  And why do people still eat them every year? 

#4) Dying Easter Eggs- Two reasons this is particularly strange...short of the occasional Deviled egg, when do you ever boil eggs?  And as if a boiled egg isn't gross enough, why take that same gross hard boiled egg and paint it in pastels? 

#3) Walking Dead Jesus- While the name Easter comes from a Pagan word "eostre" the holiday itself is widely recognized as the day that Jesus rose from the dead.  How do we celebrate this momentous occasion?  Dyed eggs, Chocolate bunnies, Easter Peeps, Pastels, and Egg Hunts.  Still not convinced Easter is super weird? 

#2) The Chocolate Cross- Who knows what Hershey was thinking when they launched this new item, and who knows who is purchasing it.  Reason seems to dictate that if you thought the cross was sacred the last thing you would want to do is eat the Willy Wonka version of the Holy Cross...but then again, reason doesn't really matter much when discussing Easter. 

#1) The Easter Bunny- It's a Bunny...on the day Jesus has risen....who lays chocolate eggs...'Nuff said.