As we gear up for the big Bruce Jenner interview tomorrow night, there is one thing that is guaranteed anytime Diane Sawyer interviews someone and that is someone's gonna' cry.  So to help us get ready for the waterworks, today we are counting down the Top Five Celebrities Crying During Interviews!

#5) Dustin Hoffman

Reason for the tears: Because of the movie Tootsie.  Seriously...he's crying over Tootsie. 

#4) Pharrell Williams

Reason for the tears:  Ironically enough, he's crying about his song "Happy" 

#3) T.Y. Hilton

Reason for the tears: Best reason of all of them...crying about his newborn baby girl after winning a football game.

#2) Kanye West

Reason for the tears: Crying over a recently passed away fashion mentor.  Not to take away from the sadness of the situation, but a part of me wishes Kanye West was as passionate about hip hop as he is fashion...

#1) Britney Spears

Reason for the tears: The Paparazzi that keep harassing her.  Actually, I can't even blame her.  They drove a young, beautiful girl from Louisiana so crazy that she cut off all her hair and went on a rampage with an umbrella.  We'd cry too....