In honor of the brand new epically stupid #KylieJennerChallenge today we are counting down the Top Five Dumbest Internet Challenges of All Time!

But first, in case you don't know what the Kylie Jenner Challenge you go.

#5) The Banana and Stockings Challenge

How it works:  You wear pantyhose on your head and try to eat a banana.  This is a real challenge and still not the dumbest thing on the list.

#4) The Condom Challenge

How it works: You put a condom up your nose and try to snort it out of your mouth.  Enjoy this one...

#3) Neknomination

How it works:  Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, you are #neknominated by someone, but unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge it is a lot more free form.  Basically, you try to do the most dangerous thing possible while drinking the worst cocktail imaginable.  One guy actually almost died after drinking De-Icer during a Neknomination.  This one originated in Australia which I guess kind of makes sense.  Don't Try This At Home!  

#2) The Fire Challenge

How it works:  You put rubbing alcohol on your body and then light it on fire.  That's all you need to know.  Just don't put as much alcohol on as this guy...

#1) The Boiling Water Challenge

How it works:  Think "Ice Bucket Challenge" but with boiling water.  At first, I didn't believe this was real, then I watched this video.  Warning: This is hard to watch.