It's hard being famous because every now and then you still have to deal with a regular person.  How hard?  I mean, even a nobody sideline reporter from ESPN is more famous than some random towing employee, and sometimes you have to remind the normals of this.  That's why today, in honor of Britt McHenry, we're counting down the Top Five Celebrities Who Played the Fame Card! 

But's the video that started it all.

#5) Governor Rick Perry

When he was just a lowly Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Rick Perry was pulled over for speeding on his way to a meeting.  While it was obvious he was annoyed and even more obvious he thought his "station in life" was above getting pulled over, he was still a smart enough politician to say "Do you want to see my ID?" instead of saying "Do you know who I am?"  Even so, the Fame Card was definitely a part of his play here...

#4) Allen Iverson

While driving a Black Lamborghini Iverson failed to use a turn signal and got pulled over...that's when he uttered the infamous phrase "Do You Know Who I Am?" 

#3) Shia Lebeouf

Who doesn't get drunk and ruin a Broadway show every now and then?  Per usual, Shia knows how to keep things interesting so when they went to arrest him for disorderly conduct in public, he said "Do You Know Who The Fuck I Am?"  Atleast he has a good sense of humour about it as this clip from Ellen afterwards shows...

#2) Kylie Jenner

At this point it's kind of expected from a member of the Kardashian Clan, but Kylie took it to the next level by starting out at 17 and attacking a Hotel's employees with the famous phrase "Do You Know Who I Am?" when she thought they were treating her unfairly...

#1) Reese Witherspoon

So great because not only was it very unexpected from the Legally Blonde star, but she really pumped up the Star Card by warning the cop that he was "Going to Find Out Who She Is!" while she was getting arrested for obstructing justice!