Here at Explodeded we're always amazed when we realize that someone who had a huge hit song, was really just covering someone else's work.  That's why today we are counting down the Top Five Songs You Never Knew Were Covers!

#5) The Arrows- I Love Rock N Roll 

Long before Joan Jett turned this song into a huge 80's rock anthem, the Arrows performed it live on tv in the 70's in hopes that it would propel them to fame.  We all know how that ended up....

#4) Tina Turner- Don't Turn Around

We all know the 1994 version of this song made famous by Ace of Base, but who knew that Tina Turner wanted this to be a single for her in 1986! 

#3) Robert Hazard- Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun

Never in a million years would we have guessed this Cyndi Lauper hit would have originally been written and recorded by a dude! 

#2) Steve Goodman- You Never Even Called Me By My Name

Chicago Singer Songwriter Steve Goodman got a "shout out" from David Allen Coe on the famous version of this single, but we never realized that before David Allen Coe recorded it, Steve Goodman recorded it on his album in the mid 70's. 

#1) SR-71- 1985

Just a year or two before Bowling For Soup recorded and released this as their biggest hit ever, SR-71 wrote and recorded the same song for their album.  Unfortunately for them, it was BFS that was able to take this song to the next level.