In honor of the first ever episode of "The Scheizen Show" and our new game "Which Adrien Brody?"  Today we are counting down the Top Five Adrien Brody Movies You Need To See! 

But first, enjoy the Scheizen Show! 

#5) Dragon Blade- A Multi-Million Dollar movie released originally in China only, imagine a film where John Cusack is a samurai trained by Jackie Chan to fight evil warlord Adrien Brody.  This movie is real and you have to see it! 

#4) High School- In what's supposed to be a teen comedy, Adrien Brody is a creepy drug dealer who has his weed stolen by two high schoolers who are attempting to get their entire school high on Marijuana.  

#3) Splice- Think Basic Instinct meets E.T. Plus Adrien Brody has sex with an alien...

#2) The Experiment-  Somehow they managed to get two Academy Award Winners in this direct to DVD masterpiece about a prison experiment gone awry.  Think the action/drama version of Marlon Wayan's "Senseless."

#1) The Jacket- Time Travel, Insane Asylums, Kris Kristofferson, and an insanely hot Keira Knightley.  If you haven't seen "The Jacket" stop what you're doing and watch it now!