Still talking about the Justin Bieber Roast from Monday?  So are we!  Besides crazy Martha Stewart, one of our favorite parts was Snoop Dogg obviously very drunk and high on TV!   In honor of Snoop's drunk rambling we proudly present the Top Five Greatest Drunk Celebrities on TV of All Time!  Enjoy!

5) Danny Devito- drunk and "Bush bashing" on the View!


4) James Brown- drunk on local Atlanta TV, because who watches that? 


3) Ben Affleck- during the star's "dark ages" when it was more Ben vs. the Bottle than Batman vs. Superman...

2) Steve-O- many may not remember the show "Too Late" with Adam Carolla which aired right before the Colbert Report came out, but very few could forget this moment from the show when Steve-O destroyed the set while wasted!

1) Snoop Dogg- The Doggfather himself is the king of this list!  Enjoy his epic drunk-roasting of the Biebs!