While we're not going to pretend to know his name, some kid from One Direction quit the band yesterday, and so today in honor of the guy whose name we can't remember, we're counting down the Top Five Most Forgettable Boy Band Members of All Time! 

#5) Justin Jeffre from 98 Degrees- while people remember Nick and Drew Lachey, very few people remember Justin was even a member of the band.  

#4) Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys- There's always one guy in every band that makes you think, "How the hell did he make it in the band?"  and for the Backstreet Boys it's without a doubt Howie.

#3) Chris Kirkpatrick from NSync- When people remember your silly hairstyle more than they remember's not a good thing and such is the case with Chris Kirkpatrick who went from Platinum records to VH1 Reality Shows faster than any other celebrity ever! 

#2) Danny Wood from the New Kids on the Block- While he looks like one of the Knight brothers he's not.  For most NKOTB fans they can name four of the members, but find themselves at a loss when trying to think of Danny Wood....

#1) Every Single Member of All 4 One-  They have had a Worldwide Number One Hit Single, Two Top Ten Hits, and a 3x Platinum record, and yet somehow no one can name a single person in the band.  Go ahead and try to name one guy from All-4-One without Googling them.  It's not possible.