In honor of his friend and cast-mate Paul Walker, Vin Diesel named his new daughter "Paulina" in tribute to him.  So in honor of Vin Diesel and this awesome good-guy move, today we are counting down the Top Five Non Fast and Furious Vin Diesel Roles!

#5) XXX- This James Bond wannabe, actually holds up pretty well over time.  As long as you forget the Ice-Cube sequel that follows it, you'll love XXX.  Plus, you can look for a new sequel with Vin Diesel returning to the role of Xander Cage coming soon! 

#4) The Pacifier- Vin Diesel in a rare comedic role, proves his range goes much farther than just Riddick and Dominic.  

#3) Strays-  The movie that launched Vin Diesel's career.  Many people don't know it, but Vin actually wrote, directed and starred in this 1997 Indie Classic that performed to rave reviews at at that year's Sundance Film Festival.

#2) Guardians of the Galaxy- Vin Diesel only said 3 words "I Am Groot" over and over again and still somehow managed to kill it in this role! 

#1) Saving Private Ryan- Probably the most acting Vin Diesel has ever had to do in a movie, and he did great!