Following in the footsteps of great comedy groups like Monty Python and the Kids in the Hall, the Broken Lizard group has given us so many great comedy movies like Super Troopers, Beerfest, and the Slamming Salmon.  They also just announced a kickstarter campaign for the much awaited sequel "Super Troopers 2."  In honor of that, we thought it was a perfect time to count down the Top Five Greatest Things Broken Lizard Has Taught Us!

#5) How to prank your friends by putting Soap in their coffee!

#4) Chugging syrup with your buddies is the best way to spice up an IHop visit!

#3) What "Das Boot" is and why every party should have one! 

#2) How to play the "Meow" Game....

#1) Beer Pong!  Make no doubt about it, before the movie Beerfest there was no Beer Pong craze...this movie changed all that and every college party forever afterwards!

And just in case you missed's JC King's conversation with Eric Stolhanske from Broken Lizard on the Least Dangerous Podcast!