Today, the 2016 Presidential Campaign officially started when Senator Ted Cruz became the first candidate to officially announce he's running for President!  So today, we are counting down the Top Five Ted Cruz Moments! 

#5) Ted Cruz Take 2- During his response to President Obama's 2015 State of the Union address, Ted Cruz delivered a fiery critique of the President's speech.  Only one problem...He cut multiple takes to the video and then forgot to edit it down before releasing nationwide!

#4) Ted Cruz Blames Canada!  Obviously Ted Cruz is a South Park fan because after being caught up in  a controversy about his birth certificate and being born in Calgary Canada, Ted Cruz proved his American Bonafides and that he was an American Citizen only by Renouncing Canada! 

#3) Ted Cruz Terrifies a 3 Year Old! - During a campaign speech Ted Cruz tells a 3 year old that the world is literally on fire.  As expected, the 3 Year Old did not take it very well...

#2) Ted Cruz does his best "Darth Vader"-  During his 21 Hour Filibuster, Ted Cruz gave us so many great moments, none better than the final two on our list here.  First, watch Ted Cruz as he does his best "Darth Vader" impression.

#1) Ted Cruz Reads Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate Floor- Proving he's a dad first, Ted Cruz takes a moment out of his 21 Hour Senate Filibuster to read Green Eggs and Ham to his kids on C-Span.