In honor of the new episode of "Spoilees" where we discuss Liam Neeson's new film "Run All Night" today we are counting down the Top Five Oldest Action Stars! 

But first...enjoy the new episode of "Spoilees." 

#5) Arnold Schwarzenegger- 65 Years Old.  So what the Governator can draw social security...did you see The Last Stand?! 

#4) Sylvester Stallone- 66 years old.  After giving us the Rambo, Rocky, and Expendables Franchises, it's our opinion that Sly can keep making action movies as long as he wants.  We would literally watch Rambo in a wheelchair at this point....

#3) Danny Trejo- 68 years old.  I hope I can kick that much ass when I'm pushing 70.  

#2) Harrison Ford- 70 years old and still going strong.  Even at 70 he's still cranking out solid action movies....look for Star Wars Episode 7-9 and Indiana Jones 5 all coming out soon!  Now if only Harrison Ford would stop flying his damn plane!

#1) Clint Eastwood- 82 years old.  So he technically hasn't done his tough guy cop routine since 2003's Blood Work, but we all know Clint's got at least one more Western in him.  Unforgiven 2 anyone?