Not gonna' lie, when the Grammy's are up again the Walking Dead, the Walking Dead wins.  However, that didn't stop us from catching up on the Grammy's this morning and compiling the Top Five Grammy Moments of 2015! 

#5) Tenacious D wins a Grammy for Best Metal Performance of the Dio Cover "The Last in Line."  I know, I know...many people think this is bullshit.  However, who has done more for metal?  Tenacious D or Mastodon?  Clearly the D are one of the only metal bands still carrying the torch and bringing metal to a new generation of fans.  Mastodon, Motorhead, and even Slipknot for the most part, cater to the same 40+ rock crowd who is still stuck in the 80's.  Atleast the D is creating new fans out there, despite being a comedic band I would put JB's and KG's chops up against any band out there.  Congrats boys! 

#4) Kanye, Rihanna, and Paul McCartney bring the house down with "FourFive Seconds."  Clearly the best pop release in a decade or more and proof that even though people hate him, Kanye knows how to continously reinvent the wheel and never does the same stuff twice.  Who would have thought a Beatle plus Hip Hop plus Rihanna would be this much magic? 

#3) Pharrell Williams does what we're all thinking and openly judges Taylor Swift's "over-dancing" at awards shows.

#2) Kanye pulls a "Kanye" on Beck and Jay-Z starts to freak out...Enjoy!

#1) AC/DC melts faces at the Grammy's!  Proving they are probably the last standing great Rock N Roll band out there, AC/DC showed up for their first Grammy Performance and melted faces with "Rock or Bust" and "Highway to Hell!"