So for what seems to be the 80th season in 3 years, the Voice started again last night and if we're being honest, the show is really starting to suck.  That's why today we are taking a trip down memory lane and looking at the Top Five Worst Singing Competition Shows of All Time! 

#5) Grease: You're the One That I Want  

A show that was originally on Bravo and was all about finding the next "Sandy" and "Danny."  No joke.  The only thing worse than watching Grease over and over again, is watching this god-awful attempt at reality TV! 

#4) The Singing Bee

If you thought a singing reality show was bad, imagine a singing show without any talent and you have this excuse for a singing game show that is now cancelled.  Thank god.

#3) The Sing Off

You know what's good?  Music with bands.  You know what's not?  Acappella bullshit.  There's a reason there's no "acapella" radio station.  Personally, I blame "Glee" for this singing show, and to make matters worse, Nick Lachey is the host of this yearly NBC debacle. 

#2) The White Rapper Show

From MC Serch, to the cheesy contestants, to the final rap off between what looks like a combination of Malibu's Most Wanted and the Trailer Park's Most Wanted, this show is awful from stem to stern.  Enjoy episode 1 below...

#1) Gone Country

Have you ever wanted to hear the likes of Sisqo, Bobby Brown, and Lorenzo Lamas sing country music?  Yeah, no one does.  That's why this is easily the Worst Singing Show of All Time!