So the Academy Awards are this weekend and we're the first to admit, we're not all that excited about Neil Patrick Harris hosting.  I know...I know, we are the only ones not excited.  Which got us to thinking, we really don't fall in line with what everyone else thinks about Oscar hosts.  So today, we are counting down the Top Five Greatest Oscar Hosts of All Time (in our opinion!) 

#5) Chevy Chase- I mean his opening line was "Good Evening Hollywood Phonies" before insulting the audience full of stars!  If you don't like that, what do you like? 

#4) Steve Martin- this is one where we agree with the critics.  Everyone loves Steve Martin and we do too! 

#3) Jon Stewart- This guy can pretty much host anything... 

#2) David Letterman- Universally hated by everyone else and regarded as one of the worst Oscar hosts of all time, but guess what?  We completely disagree.  Letterman is a cynical guy and cynical guys are always the best hosts because they don't kiss the audience's ass the whole time.  We like to think that David Letterman was just trolling the Academy Awards before people knew what trolling was.  Also, if you don't laugh at his Oprah/Uma joke, what do you laugh at?

#1) Chris Rock- the "Ricky Gervais" of the Academy Awards.  Needless to say, he was never invited back.

Now if only once we could get Norm MacDonald to run...