So there's a lot of buzz about Eddie Murphy turning down the Bill Cosby sketch on SNL's 40th Anniversary Special.  Since everyone's talking Eddie Murphy today, we thought we'd take a trip back in time and count down the Top Five Movies That Will Remind You Eddie Murphy Was Actually Funny! 

#5) The Nutty Professor- at the height of his Eddie Murphy plays every character in a movie days, this was his best performance as multiple characters and despite the lackluster sequel, his original Nutty Professor is still hilarious! 

#4) Bowfinger- One of his lesser known movie roles because the film did not do that well, however, watching Eddie and Steve Martin play off one another is still one of the funniest duos in film history! 

#3) Coming to America- the first of his movies to feature Eddie Murphy playing 18 different characters, still a great classic Eddie Murphy movie from his heyday in the 80's! 

#2) Shrek- It must be said, without Eddie Murphy as "Donkey" we wouldn't have 4 Shrek movies on our hands.  Now that I've said that I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but Eddie Murphy is still funny as hell! 

#1) Trading Places- Let's go back in time to when not only Eddie Murphy was funny, but so was Dan Aykroyd.  Watching this movie it's hard not to think "What happened to these guys?"   Combine that with a topless Jamie Lee Curtis and Trading Places was easily Eddie's Best Movie from his prime in the 80's!