As usual, last night's Saturday Night Live went about a half hour too long.  Nevermind the fact the 40th Anniversary special of "Saturday Night Live" was on a Sunday, or the fact that the show really should've just been an hour of great new sketches as opposed to a three and a half hour clip show.  Nonetheless, we wanted to take a moment to honor five of the most hilarious performers from last night's SNL 40th Anniversary Special who proved they still got it! 

#5) Dana Carvey- from his performance of "Chopping Broccoli" to his amazing return as "Garth" from Wayne's World, Dana Carvey truly is a "Master of Disguise!" 

#4) Adam Sandler- Not only was his "Opera Man" a highlight of the Musical Comedy portion of the show, but teaming up with Andy Samberg for a brand new SNL Digital Short really made us wish we had a decade of Digital Shorts from Samberg and Sandler together. 

#3) Darrell Hammond- All you need to know is "Le Tits Now" and you'll realize why Hammond is a genius.  If Lorne Michaels had any sense he would fire Hammond from his current "announcer" gig and add him back to the cast.  Watch the "Celebrity Jeopardy" sketch below and you'll realize why.

#2) Norm MacDonald- Not only was Norm the greatest Weekend Update host of all time, he proved he was also a great sketch performer when he showed up as "Turd Ferguson" in the Celebrity Jeopardy sketch last night.  Easily the best sketch of the night and it was all because of Hammond and Norm! 

#1) Bill Murray- SNL's biggest star proved once again that he is the consummate performer when he returned as lounge singer Nick Ocean to sing "The Love Theme from Jaws."  Goddammit Bill Murray, you truly are a genius!   Watch his performance below and the longer form "Musical Comedy Sketch" below as well.  

Finally, after revisiting the funniest performers on #SNL40 we should take a moment to look at two guys who somehow, sadly enough, have lost all their funny.   

First let's start with Chevy Chase, who many thought might actually die on Live TV last night...

And last but not least, Eddie Murphy, who at one time was one of the funniest guys in the country continues his downward slide into 70's Elvis Presley territory with this douchey appearance from last night...