While we're still reeling from the fact that Jon Stewart will be leaving the Daily Show this year, it's time to speculate about who the new host of the show will be.  So today we present our Top Five New Hosts of the Daily Show! 

#5) Ricky Gervais- okay, we know this is a little out there, but let's face it.  Ricky's movie career went nowhere and he's now doing tv shows for NetFlix, so the Daily Show would be a step up.  Plus have you seen him at the Golden Globes? 

#4) Craig Kilborn- He was the original Daily Show host and let's face it.  Really needs a job.  He's done it before, why not again?

#3) Lewis Black- the only guy to be on the Daily Show since it's inception.  Sure you love his "Back in Black" segments, but how much more would we love it, if it was the entire show?  

#2) Norm MacDonald- I know it, you know it, we all know it, Norm MacDonald was the greatest Weekend Update host of all time!  There's already been campaigns for him to take over the Late Late Show i.e. #LateLateNormNorm   So we say C'mon twitter!  Let's start a new campaign #DailyNorm

#1) Dave Chappelle- it's obvious.  The guy who created the number one show ever on Comedy Central and the greatest sketch comedy show of all time has more to say, and the place to say it, is the Daily Show!  Imagine what Chappelle could do every night on the show...