Top Five Characters Breaking During Sketches

This past weekend on SNL, Ryan Gosling had a hard time making it through the alien sketch.  However, he’s not the first and won’t be the last character to break during a sketch, that’ why today we’re counting down the Top Five Times That Happened!

But first…

#5) Stefon on Weekend Update

Pick a sketch, any sketch, Bill Hader had such a hard time keeping a straight face because SNL head writer John Mulaney loved to slip in jokes during the live taping to surprise the character.

#4) Jimmy Fallon

While he never derailed a sketch, there’s was hardly a moment when Fallon was on-screen where he wasn’t giggling, especially with Horatio Sanz.  It’s a tradition continues to this day, as you’ll see from thistonight show sketch…

#3) Andy Kaufman on Fridays

This is in a league of it’s own, as only Kaufman could do.  Halfway through the sketchhe decides to break the fourth wall and refuse to continue.  Needless to say the other actors don’t know what to do and a pre-Kramer Michael Richards is particularly upset.

#2) The Dentist Sketch from Carol Burnett

Tim Conway made Harvey Korman laugh so hard during this sketch it’s reported that Harvey actually peed his pants.  

#1) Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert report on Prince Charles from the Daily Show

Another moment where two of our favorite fake newsman crack each other up, this time unable to finish the sketch…

Also- here’s Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler celebrating the “Breaks” from the most recent SNL40 special.