With the largest weekend in film history, the force is strong with the new Star Wars movie.  However, after a stellar debut for Episode 7, there are so many questions left unanswered.  That’s why today we are counting down the Top Five Star Wars Force Awakens Mysteries!


#5) Why does C3PO have a red arm?

Our thoughts:  No big mystery here, C3PO is old as shit.  At some point, he will have to have some parts replaced.

#4) How did the Empire become the First Order and how did the Rebel Alliance become the resistance?

Our thoughts:  After Return of the Jedi, the Empire disappeared until a power new leader took back over and created the First Order.  In the meantime, the Rebels just kept doing what they were doing.  As the First Order grew in power, the Rebels became the resistance.

#3) Who is Snoke?

Our thoughts:  The leader of the First Order and we’re assuming a member of the same race as Maz Kanata.  Watch it again and tell me they don’t look like they come from the same planet.

#2)  What happened between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren?

Our thoughts:  Realizing he was not as strong in the force as Luke Skywalker, Ben Solo got frustrated, learned about his grandfather, and decided if he pursued the dark side he would be stronger in the force. The kid has power issues and as we saw in the movie daddy issues as well…

#1) Who are Rey’s parents?

Our thoughts:  She’s not Han and Leia’s daughter and she’s not Luke Skywalker’s daughter.  Much like Anakin, Rey is an orphan who just so happens to be an extremely talented Jedi.  And to bring it full circle, in Episode 1 they felt like Anakin was a prophecy fulfilled and could bring balance to the force.  We all know how that turned out, but what if all these years later Rey is actually the prophecy fulfilled and she is the key to bringing balance to the force.  The best part is, she’s not a Skywalker and we all know how f*cked up that family is…

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