In honor of his new role as OJ Simpson on American Crime Story, today we take a look back at the career of Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and count down the Top Five Worst Decisions he made that led him to the direct to DVD superstar he is now...

But's Cuba as OJ Simpson...

#5) Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Why?  It would've helped if he at least would've tried to act like Ben Carson.  Instead we just got Cuba with a mustache in a shitty made for TV movie.

#4) Snow Dogs

Why?  Have you seen Snow Dogs?  

#3) Daddy Day Camp

Why?  Whatever you do, don't replace Eddie Murphy in a sequel to a crappy Eddie Murphy movie.  If Eddie Murphy won't do the movie, neither should you.  

#2) Boat Trip

Why? The movie that started it all.  After his Academy Award winning role in Jerry Maguire, Cuba decided to star in this horribly homophobic film with Horatio Sanz.

#1) Radio

Why?  Have you ever see the movie Tropic Thunder?  If so, you know you never go full on.