While watching VEVO rock videos last night I realized Nickelback is far from the worst band out there.  Sure they get a band wrap, but these next five bands are much worse!  

#5) Five Finger Death Punch

Why: If you like hearing your favorites 70’s songs redone with a distortion pedal this is the band for you.

Worst Song: “House of the Rising Sun” 

#4) Papa Roach

Why:  A band that started with so much promise relegated themselves to “Daughtry” territory with the song “Scars.”  Because they were traitors to rock they are on the list.

Worst Song: “Scars” 

#3) Godsmack

Why:  If you ever thought your really strange Wiccan neighbor looked like a cool rockstar then you’ve already met Sully and heard the shit that is “Wiccan rock.”  There’s only so many times you can recreate the song “Voodoo.”

Worst Song:  “Voodoo” 

#2) Hoobastank

Why: Pussy rock at it’s worst.  Also- the name.

Worst Song: “The Reason” 

#1) Hinder

Why:  Not only did they only have one shitty song about cheating, but they let Jack Ingram make a shitty country version of the same song.  Fuck Hinder.

Worst Song: “Lips of An Angel”