Since Hasbro just met to plan out Transformers movies #5 through 8, we thought it was a good time to look at the Top Five Kids TV Shows That Should Be Movies!

#5) Captain Planet

Why?  All you need to do is watch Funny or Die's "Captain Planet" with Don Cheadle and you'll realize the potential a Captain Planet movie franchise has. 

#4) Thundercats

Why?  If Transformers can get 8 movies, we should atleast get 3 Thunderscats films.  Plus who doesn't want to see "Snarf" on the big screen? 

#3) Masters of the Universe

Why?  I know they tried to make a movie with Dolph Lundgren in the 90's, but that counts about as much as the 1970's Captain America flick.  It's high time He-Man and Skeletor hit the big screen! 

#2) My Little Pony

Why?  If you have not been to a comic con in the last decade, you may not realize that not only is the My Little Pony franchise booming, it's never been bigger.  Can you imagine the Brony army waiting in line for the movie? 

#1) The Magic Schoolbus

Why?  Time Travel, Kids movies, and Education all in one?  HOW IS THIS NOT A MOVIE ALREADY!