The All-Female cast of thew new Ghostbusters was announced yesterday and while we're pumped to see this movie, here at Explodeded we are not super excited about the cast they've chosen for the movie...That's why today, we are recasting with our choices for the Top Five Chicks That Should've Been in Ghostbusters! 

#5) Charlyne Yi as Winston Zeddmore aka the "Ernie Hudson" role

Reason: While she's not as super-famous as anyone else on this list or in the cast that has been chosen, she's hilarious....If you haven't seen her on Conan or in Knocked Up, you're missing out.

#4) Kristen Schaal as Janine Melnitz aka the "Annie Potts" role

Reason: Watch Kristen Schaal on the Daily Show just once and you'll see she is one of the funniest women out there! 

#3) Jessica Williams as Peter Venkman aka the "Bill Murray" role

Reason: By now you've realized that as much as the director of the new Ghostbusters loves SNL, that's how much we love our Daily Show correspondents, which is why we've picked Jessica Williams to fill Bill Murray's shoes.  She has the perfect blend of sarcastic and goofy to become the female Peter Venkman...

#2) Anna Faris as Dr. Raymond Statz aka the "Dan Aykroyd" role.

Reason: Funny as hell and while Dan Aykroyd didn't do much to bring sex appeal to the original Ghostbusters (Thanks Sigourney Weaver), Anna Faris could definitely do the job, while still being hilarious!

#1) Emma Stone as Dr. Egon Spengler aka the Harold Ramis role

Reason: From helping to successfully reboot Spiderman to delivering killer roles in films like "Easy A," Emma Stone is a great actress, super likable, and a perfect person to fill the Harold Ramis role.