Yet again, Johnny Depp has another awful over-acted character movie coming out today in the form of "Mordecai."  Ever since Johnny Depp's breakout role as "Jack Sparrow" every character since then has been downhill and some sort of strange Jack Sparrow rip off.  So today, in honor of this, we count down the Top Five Worst Johnny Depp Roles of All Time!  

#5) The Mad Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland" 

His first post Jack Sparrow role where you could literally hear the director go, "Just go do your Johnny Depp thing man...."

#4)  Frank Tupelo from "The Tourist"

There are two types of Johnny Depp, Overacting Johnny Depp, and barely awake Johnny Depp.  The barely awake version most recently appeared in last years "Transcendance" but the Angelina Jolie stinker "The Tourist" was him at his most subdued.

#3) Guy Lapointe from "Tusk" 

If you want to know the exact point where Kevin Smith's "Tusk" went from awesome movie to WTF, it's when Johnny Depp appears as this character and Holy Shit It's Bad! 

#2) Tonto in "The Lone Ranger"

While the movie was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, Johnny Depp's amazing hypocrisy in taking the role as a tribute to Native Americans, instead of just letting a Native American take the role is fairly revolting. 

#1) Willy Wonka in "Charlie in the Chocolate Factory"

Thanks for ruining my childhood Johnny Depp!  No one could fill the shoes of Gene Wilder's amazing performance as Willy Wonka back in the day, but not only did Johnny Depp try to replicate the weird/creepy Wilder thing, he failed miserably.