As his career continues to slide, including a recent announcement that he'll be going on tour with the New Kids on the Block, today we take a look at the Five Worst Career Decisions Nelly Had Made in His Lifetime! 

#5) Nelly releases the energy drink "Pimp Juice"

Consider it a sign of things to come, but we all should have known Nelly was not a great decision maker when he released this energy drink in 2003. 

#4) Nelly Goes Country!

First he teamed up with Tim McGraw for the mega hit "Over and Over Again."  If that wasn't bad enough, we then got this....

#3) Nelly takes a job as a radio station DJ in St. Louis...atleast he's not a weather man, yet....

#2) Nelly stars in a Fake BET Reality Show called the "Real Husbands of Hollywood," and it's every bit as bad as we remember. 

#1) Nelly goes the "workout video" route with his "Celebrity Sweat" dvd series.