In honor of tonight's State of the Union address, today we are counting down the Top Five Funniest Moments from the speech in the past! 

#5) Dick Cheney Sends a Text Message!

As we all know, half the fun of watching the #SOTU speech is watching the people in the background, which is why it's fun to watch Dick Cheney try to nonchalantly send a text! 

#4) John McCain falls asleep! 

Honestly, can you really blame him? 

#3) Nancy Pelosi Blink Count- speaking of watching people in the background, enjoy this one!

#2) Marco Rubio's Water-Gate!

Another great part of the yearly State of the Union speech, is watching the destined to be awful response speech from the opposing party, and when it comes to the response no one will ever top Marco Rubio's awkward bottle of water incident from a few years ago....

#1) Joe Biden's Creepy Smile Seen 'Round the World

Joe Biden is the king of overshadowing the President, particularly with this one creepy smile moment from the 2014 #SOTU speech.  What was he smiling at?  The world will never know.